While men often ‘multi-date’ for the sake of curiosity and variety in sex, women do it because of convenience and to make their lives as comfortable and fulfilling as possible

For most of January, a male friend of mine, who I will call Calvin, dated a lady from his office. Strange bit was that his new ‘girlfriend’ only called him whenever she wanted to go out to dance the night away. And, of course, when she needed someone to chauffeur her and friends around town. The cheek of it!

Calvin even started calling her his girlfriend despite the fact that their dates consisted of car rides out and about town in the dead of the night, of course at his cost.

And, I have to say, I felt sorry for the chap. But I could not, for the life of me, understand why he was slow in realising that what they had with the girl was not a committed relationship, but some sort of ‘arrangement’.

Men, since time in memorial, have mastered the art of dating many women at a go. And they even get pats on the back for getting it in with every girl they get their hands on.

Although in the past, dating multiple partners was a privilege left only for men, today we are living in a different world; women, too, have put their best foot forward. Women now have multiple partners; the partners have different roles and strengths.

While men often ‘multi-date’ for the sake of curiosity and variety in sex, women do it because of convenience and to make their lives as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.

So let me let the cat out of the bag: most women will have one main boyfriend and also have many other men on the side for different purposes and uses. Or she will decide not to have one main boyfriend, but instead just have many boyfriends with none being ‘special’ in any way.

Parasitic relationship

And so while my friend Calvin looked like he had just lost his best friend, I do not think of him or men in general as victims. I mean, it is not rocket science; if a lady only calls you when she needs something from you, then she simply wants that particular thing from you, not your love.

But men easily get trapped into these kinds of ‘parasitic relationships’, and assume all is well until things go south, when it’s too little too late. Poor souls.

Talk to any lady who is ‘playing the dating field’ and I assure you she has like five different random guys. These, she will tell you, include: the ‘taxi guy’ who is usually called when she needs a chauffeur; the ‘salon guy’ who gets a call at the beginning of every month when a lady needs to make her hair.

There is also the ‘credit guy’ who always gets the annoying please call me text; the ‘electronics guy’ who helps when there is a problem to do with household gadgets, he gives free consultation on the best tablet, laptop or television to buy and even helps to tinker with them when they stop functioning properly.

Women also have the ‘male best friend’; the poor dude who has to listen to all their problems.

Last but not least, women have the ‘Blankets and Wine guy’ who comes in handy when she needs a partner for up-market events, you just have to put up with more floral than any man should be legally allowed to wear.

And the list goes on and on, it all depends on a woman’s individual needs and wants. So if you are a guy and thought you are on top of things or better yet on top of the world, the opposite is actually true; the world is on top of you! Ouch!