A man’s profession says a lot about him in as far as dating is concerned

When it comes to dating, experts advise that it’s good to be open-minded. They urge us to try a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Personally, and I’m being honest here, I have kissed a couple of wrong frogs.

Luckily, that has enabled me to learn a few things here and there. My little, ehh, how do I call it without sounding like a bad girl, ‘experience’ with men, has helped me understand that, indeed, A man’s profession says a lot about him in as far as dating is concerned.

Some of us can smell a keeper or loser miles away! There is a saying that goes something like, “Pain in life is inevitable, but misery is optional?” When applied to dating, avoiding pain and misery for a woman involves staying away from certain types of men.

First, we have politicians. Word on the street has it that this bunch largely comprise of liars. From two-bit politicians like members of county assembly (MCAs) to the big shots like MPs. They have wild oats sprouting all over town. Need I say more?

Other irredeemable qualities that this lot is accused of having in abundance include unfaithfulness, narcissistic tendencies, lack discipline, lack of loyalty, and the unflattering list goes on and on.

Unless you are in it for the money, and the small fame that you will receive once or twice a year when such types tag you along to state functions, they will try as much as possible not to be seen with you in public.

Secondly, many Kenyan women dread dating pilots. Tales abound of their escapades and other conquests in foreign lands. Further, have you ever notice how most of them look? Looks seems to be a criteria for the job. Also the profession seems to attract self-indulgent and narcissistic personalities.

Thirdly, we have lawyers. Most lawyers, it is always said, are crooks who steal client’s money? Or is it that most crooks happen to be lawyers? Whatever! This profession, many will tell you seems to always attract intelligent, cold, conniving, competitive and personalities.

I am tempted to believe such personalities are disastrous in matters relationships. They will cheat on you, and still smartly defend and argue themselves out of the matter. What a cold day in court!

Fourth: musicians and athletes. Yes musicians are often sexy and they understand the poetry of words but with these types you have to deal with late hours, unsteady money streams and aggressive groupies. With athletes, it is a case of too much money and also lots of ‘groupie’ love’. Who wants to deal with all that?

Fifth, are CEOs and those in top management positions. This bunch, mostly consist of narcissists and egomaniacs. He is the answer to the world’s problems and you should be grateful that he picked you out of all the other women throwing themselves at his feet and claws! Eeish!

Also he is just so smart, isn’t he — and if you have any questions about just how brilliant he is, he will be the first person to happily remind you. Further they seem to think they can fix everything with money even their relationships.

Last but not least we have, eh, men of God. Yes, you read it right. Pastors. These guys are smooth operators, they use hook and crook to woo women. They know people believe in them, thus they find it very easy to confuse other women besides their own girlfriends and wives.