On the fitness wish list for many men and women is attaining washboard abs. Unfortunately, once fat deposits are made in the abdominal region, it is very difficult to get rid of them. In fact, medical professionals say that fat cells once formed, they can only shrink in size but not eliminated. Don't fret though; it can still be achieved with some effort. Assuming your diet is at least 90 per cent clean, here are a few fitness tips to embrace to get that coveted flat tummy.

1. Keep walking

Walks are a great exercise for whittling down your waistline. Walking is an aerobic exercise that contributes to total body fat burn especially the very dangerous visceral fat. Visceral fat is the one that wraps around your internal organs. Walking increases your metabolism and heart rate. A study shows that having three short fast paced walks and two longer slow paced walks weekly lost five times more belly fat than those who did attended gym five times a week. Best time to do your walks is in the morning before breakfast. This is because the workout on an empty stomach will burn the stored fats. Replenish afterwards with a healthy high protein meal to build muscle.

2. Squat away

Squats have gained popularity lately for building your glutes. What isn't mentioned a lot is that they also work on your abdominals. As the muscles in your legs contract, your core muscles get fired up to withstand the pressure from the effort. A squat can be done by either holding a weight to your chest or just using your body weight and sitting on an imaginary chair.

3. Do some deadlifts

All you need is a kettlebell or weights to do this effectively. This exercises targets all your core muscles successfully tightening them. Deadlifts are simply done by picking a weight off the ground using good form such that you use your hip and leg muscles instead of the lower back. Good thing about this exercise is that you can do it at home.

4. Watch your posture

Sometimes all you need to do is to adjust your posture to eliminate the pooch. Your back should be straight and your core muscles tight. Maintain this deportment as you sit down at your desk or when walking around.