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Why the police make a fuss with coughing and bending during recruitment

City News
Recruitment process       Kenya Police Officers checks out dental formula of a police recruits at Embu West County on Monday 14 July      Photo:Courtesy

Becoming on officer in the National Police Service, if the recent recruitment is anything to go by, is not as easy as we may think. Candidates are selected after a rigorous regimen that includes running several laps round a field and other strenuous physical exercises.

It is understandable why the recruits need to be strong and fit, after all they’ll be facing off with tough, dangerous and seasoned criminals.

But this is not the only reason for the fuss about the health of applicants:

Physical fitness: If you are not able to comfortably run a 100-metre dash, then you are likely to put your life (and by extension those of your colleagues) at risk, especially if the situation on the ground calls for quick movement to avoid enemy fire or find the best position to aim. This of course calls for a strong heart and springy muscles that can respond to stimuli.

Brown teeth: According to Dr John Omondi of JB Dental Clinic, brown teeth are largely the result of too much fluoride, either in food or water. Too much fluoride in the bones make them weak and easily broken. Brown teeth can therefore signify a weakness in the bone structure of an individual.

Straight bones: The body can only perform optimally when bones are well aligned to the torso in an upright posture. Broken or extremely curved bones cannot withstand the rigor or stillness that may be required of a police officer.

Clear sight: A police officer must have good eyesight to identify suspects besides making out and taking note of various things and people of interest at varying distances. The fuss about good eyesight is also to ensure that officers can correctly aim at targets. Recruiters look for cataracts, glaucoma as well as short- and long-sightedness.

Healthy alimentary canal: At some stage, recruits are asked to bend and cough. Have you ever wondered why? Well, Dr Jacqueline Kitulu of Jamko Health Clinic and Laboratory Services says the alimentary carnal, the whole system that carries food as it is digested and assimilated, and in the process and release waste, can suffer many plagues.

Any type of cancer will manifest as blood through the anus. Lack of control of the sphincter muscle will also become obvious. Hemorrhoids will also manifest as well as other unusual developments. Some of these conditions can be detrimental to life, hence considered a hindrance to those wishing to join the service.

Pregnancy: While being pregnant is not an encumbrance to those already in the service, it is a disadvantage to those seeking to join, since the training for rookies is rigorous and not safe for a developing baby and the mother.

Pregnancy, if not readily discernible, can be verified through lab tests.

“Being denied a place in the service because of pregnancy is for the sake of safety and the fact that the baby will warrant first line care,” says Dr Kitulu

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