Nairobi, Kenya: Soon after photos of him and an almost nude Huddah hit the web, fans and concerned members of the industry came out to condemn their relationship.

Coast-based singer Nyota Ndogo even made it clear that musician Colonel Mustafa lacked respect to women by posing so raunchily with "young Huddah", the former Kenyan Big Brother representative and socialite.

Sadly, the already brewing romantic relationship succumbed and broke due to public pressure. The break-up was too ugly to the extent that the two celebrities fought in the public online platforms where their fans keenly witnessed it all.

As if still in love with Huddah, Mustafa recently made it clear that he missed the beautiful lass despite all the public drama that happened to them. Emotionally speaking, Mustafa further revealed that were it not for the public speculation and pressure, he would have made Huddah his wife because she had impeccable qualities that he admired.

"Huddah and I definitely had a special bond, and she is a very good woman if you actually spend personal time with her. I did, so I know" Mustafa narrated.