Jaguar promises to clear [email protected]'s operation bill

At 5pm on Sunday, Jaguar accompanied by Lugz and a long time friend, Amina, headed to the Kikuyu Orthopaedic hospital where [email protected] is currently recuperating after a serious accident that took place on October 5.

[email protected] has undergone an operation on his right leg after he fractured both legs and his right arm and he had another operation for his left leg scheduled for early Monday with further tests and a CT scan of his head set to follow suit.

Though he looked a bit tired but in stable condition, [email protected] engaged in banter as Jaguar and those present (including our Pulse correspondent) encouraged the talented artist to turn away from his current lifestyle and pursue music.

“I will. I have recorded four songs with Clemo so I’ll work on that,” he reassured them.

Jaguar promised to clear his operation bill and gave [email protected]’s mother Sh80, 000 in cash.

“I am very happy and may God bless you, [email protected]’s mother said on reception of the cash.

Several artistes, including his recording stable Calif records, have promised to help would help foot some bills for the artiste.