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Call it a social media craze or ‘tech’ meeting the love scene. The whole boy meets girl in the street, they fall in love and end up in a fairy weeding is under the sod.

These days guys meet via Facebook and two weeks later, they have changed their profile status to ‘madly in love’, and a month later, it changes to… ‘love is a bitch’.

Sounds familiar?

 That is the ultimate price for quick romping through social media.

Social media has helped many people get jobs, reconnect with old friends, keep tabs on your exes and crushes. It has pushed people into relationships, and now it has become a platform for getting an easy lay.

Heartbreak is something everyone has experienced at one time, no matter what part of the world they live in. Everyone reacts to heartbreak in one way or the other. Some women will air out their dirty laundry in order to shame a man for using them just for sex.

A few weeks ago, a woman decided to shame a man for using  bag of tricks to  politely ‘invade’ her cookie jar.

After hitting the sack, the woman later learnt the man was a professional womaniser and well, she was part of the game plan. To vent out, she went on a rampage on social media to insult the man.

Days later, there was this incident involving a popular follower of #KOT (Kenyans on Twitter). He posted screen shots of a certain guy on discovering the guy romped with his female cousin. (sic)

The desperation bug has bitten most guys forcing them to hunt for potential partners on social media.

It troubles me why some women work so hard to set themselves up for heartbreak – of course they do not even know it.

If you meet a man on social media, chances are, he has been gawking at your pictures, especially if he gets into your inbox/dm, and all he keeps complementing is your sexy body. Men are visual creatures, but if he keeps complementing your assets, trust me, he is thirsty for some quickie sessions.

You cannot really tell if someone is being genuine with you via a chatting platform since you have no clue about who they are.

If you are going to sleep with someone you met on social media, make sure it is someone you have at least had several dates with.

 Men are hunters by nature, and some men will attempt to pounce on the first woman – one who will fall for their sweet nothings, especially on social media.

Some men are out to get the cookie jar by any means necessary.

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