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I admit we are human beings, and God created us to be social. It is normal to once in a while share our most ‘intimate secrets’ with our friends to get their comments, or feel wanted, right?

The whole ‘I know what you are going through’… ‘I have been there’; almost makes us feel good about our situation.

But what is really annoying is when your friends blurt out everything their boyfriends have done or (haven’t) for like eight hours!

Kindly save me the ranting

It is almost like watching paint dry. Wait. It was supposed to be a drinking party, not an Agony Aunt  session. Hello! I have no clue on this universe how much those couples pay for therapy, so kindly save me the ranting!       

Ladies, let us have a rule of thumb; never ever tell your girlfriends everything about your boyfriend. Behind your back, they think you are such a dumb ass!

Here are some things you should avoid revealing:

If he is well endowed or not

When two people start dating, sex is one of the major things they look forward to. It is the ultimate deal breaker.

Most women can’t wait to catch up with their girlfriends to share details of what went down in the bedroom.

Questions like, is he well endowed? How thick is his package? Will always pop up in most conversations.

Well ladies, what you need to say in this situation is ‘he is packing heat’ that happens to be a vague answer that you don’t have to explain.

Telling the whole world how your man is a ‘little panya’ down there is comparable to chopping his manhood. 

His financial issues

If you happen to be dating a man who is going through tough financial times, it is best you don’t share these details with your girlfriends.

 Blurting out how broke he is and how he drives a cheap Vitz, and cannot afford your trips to the latest mall in town, does more harm than good to the relationship.

You never know when Mr money will come knocking at his door! 


If you earn more than him

Your pay slip reads a telephone number while his is like a house number. Ladies, this is no information to go yapping to your girls! Fine, probably you subscribe to the ‘no romance without finance’ school of thought, and you think he is not good enough. Word of advice? Get another hook up and leave the poor guy alone.

His family issues

His mother suffers from ‘old age syndrome, the dad is an alcoholic, the sister a waitress, and the little brother a drug addict… these are no issues to discuss with your pals as you gulp sambuca shots. Family issues are off limit. If you cannot handle them, get a plan B!

Ladies, if you have a good man, you should support him, offer him solutions and don’t throw dirt on his name.

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