As much as your man may be jobless you should treat him like a king

We are all familiar with the song, No romance without finance, right?   Well, the phrase has become a tagline for women to validate their men.  Money is unfortunately what keeps women hooked to a man.  I asked random married women if they would support hubby if he lost his job, and the answer was ‘kinda’!

Apparently, they all believe a man should be the provider and would support him only for a few months.  I believe the same way men stick by their   wives in harsh times, so should the women.  Here are some few pointers that you need to remember when your man is nursing an out-of-money experience:

Don’t nag, be supportive

He is jobless but this does not mean it is the end of the world.   Stop reminding him after every 10 minutes. Instead, encourage him and help him figure out his next cause of action.  If your man, on the other hand, is shifting gears in his career or starting a business, the number one thing you need to do is to remind him how much you believe in him.

Don’t emasculate him, make sure he feels like a man.

Women are quick to emasculate a man without knowing they are doing it.  Ladies, your man may be jobless but that does not mean he isn’t working hard to fulfill his duties as a man.  For example, if your man suggests you go out on a dinner date, then go on the date with him.  Don’t assume because he is jobless that he does not have b***s. Ladies, don’t try so hard to step up that you forget your role as his woman!

Cutback on your spending

Most women believe a man’s money is there to be misused.  Well, if you are the type of lady who reasons like this then   ‘selfish’ is your middle name.  When your man loses his job, remember its only fair to cut your expenses.  Keep in mind this situation is temporary and not permanent.  Taking on a “he had better take care of me” attitude will only lead to heated arguments and a crumbling relationship.

Keep giving him good love!

As much as your man may be jobless, you are still his woman and you should treat him like a king. This also applies to the bedroom.  Ladies, always hold onto your man, no matter what!