A man accused of stealing shoes worth Sh1,500 faces a six-month jail term unless he pays the fine of Sh20,000.

At the Kibera Law Courts this week, Joseph Mutuku, 61, confessed at a Kibera court that he stole shoes belonging to Winfred Awino.

He stole the shoes outside a gym near Kenyatta National Hospital. Awino had left the shoes there while she was at the gym. Mutuku was later caught by guards at the gym.

After the sentence was read, Mutuku pleaded with senior principal magistrate, Jacinta Kwena, to consider his old age and not jail him.

He told the court that he was the only one his family depended on since no other relative has a job.

To prove his sincerity, he asked the magistrate to give him the harshest sentence should he appear before her again. He was, however, fined Sh20,000.