A photo of Henrie's weding    Courtesy of Uliza Links


With a musical profile and talent that one cannot simply ignore, Henrie Mutuku is back to the Kenyan gospel music scene with a bang, after taking a hiatus for close to 10 years.

After making her great debut on popular television show ‘the Trend’ a few weeks ago where she also launched her latest song, many of her fans congratulated in drones with some even wanting a scoop on her private life.

Well, as it is, Henrie Mutuku is back to the spotlight and the latest scoop in her life is that she recently got married on Easter Monday at a close knit ceremony where only close family and friends were invited.

The wedding was held at Limuru Girls High school where she and her longtime boyfriend got to solemnize their vows.

Well, that said, here is Henrie’s latest music single ‘Langu’ which marks her comeback into the music scene.