Former actor of Tahidi High Dennis Mugo aka OJ  Photo:Facebook\Dennis Mugo

He was the witty bad boy character, the player in Tahidi High who was totally smitten by Tanya, the very gorgeous Sarah Hassan. And at some point, they looked quite an item away from the cameras.

In fact, the action packed high school drama, full of intrigue, love, infighting as well as the usual battle of the sexes that was Tahidi High seemed to come alive in his real life. He lived it up like a showbiz baller!

Besides, Dennis Mugo aka OJ was the young hunk all girls wanted to get a piece of and even with all the side shows, his star seemed constantly on the rise becoming one of the most promising actors of our days.

Away from Tanya, his heart later fell for Diana Kiamba, otherwise known as Isabel in Tahidi High. But this too never went far.

While still trying to balance his acting career and his enviable social life on the fast lane, the unexpected happened. He fell off the cliff, losing his high position in Tahidi High after sinking into an addiction that almost shred his career to pieces. Now this is the untold story of OJ! 

“How do I put this?” a rather pensive OJ reiterates. He goes on a trance, reminiscing deeply as if in search for answers from a past of mixed fortunes, some of which he would wish to forget.

“So why did you quit Tahidi High,” I pose again, persistently, even relentlessly.

“Well, the show needed to maintain believability. After six years, you can only fool the audience so long,” he confidently adds before taking another awkward pose.

“Believability? But besides acting you were part of the Tahidi High technical team, I mean, you were an assistant director in the popular TV drama show. That had nothing to do with believability,” I press on.

Another prolonged pause transpires. Of course, this is not just another interview. It is a confession, a trying revelation of a well decorated career on the brink.

“Let me just say that I left due to creative differences with the director, he tones with a sense of unease.

“I cannot divulge any more details with regard to that as she was the one responsible for building my career, and that much I owe to her.”

As he would admit, OJ got fired on moral grounds after he failed to show up at work over his alcohol addiction.

Initially he had received several warning memos about his drunkenness. Regardless, all these would fall on deaf ears.

The addiction worsened. For days he would abscond his production duties. He finally got fired. Shortly after, a rumour that he was arrested for being drunk and disorderly spread like bush fire. He denied the vibe before going under only to emerge later with an announcement that he had become a father after marrying secretly. The son was named Ethan Mugo.

 Even as the story of his son coming into the world was met with praises, OJ’s state was then at its worst. A neighbour who used to live next to him in South B says OJ could drive home late and drunk and at one time even hit his gate, before passing out.

‘The gatekeeper had opened the gate wide enough for his car. It would have been impossible for a sober person to hit it, unless the car had mechanical problems,’ says the lady who sought anonymity.

“I think that person is just looking for fame,” OJ responds, denying that his woes had gone that deep.

“The truth is that I have reformed and I have been on working on my image for sometime now. Don’t get me wrong however; I do enjoy my occasional drink especially on the weekends,” he concludes.