By Esscalibar

What is it about the weekend that gets everyone to let their loose and have no inhibitions whatsoever? For those diehard party animals, booze is a staple, and nowadays, a party isn’t a party as long as there is no shisha and perhaps some weed. With girls wearing close to nothing, and dudes going out with the intention of getting a chips funga, when it is all over, it feels like a rollercoaster ride to hell and back.

Mad Hangovers

After taking one too many and playing drinking games that get you wasted, with the encouragement of your friends, you find yourself staggering around, talking nonsense, and becoming a nuisance to everyone around. For those who can’t handle their alcohol, there is always the random mama who starts to break down and cry like a baby, or that one who thinks she’s a stripper called Sugar. You black out to wake up with a nasty headache and dehydration that makes you make the decision to never drink again until the next weekend comes and you’re back to Square One!


The worst thing is when your pals look at you strangely the next day or break into uncontrollable fits of laughter when they look at you. The problem is, should you ask and own up you don’t remember anything, and risk looking like a weak, or play along and act like you totally had everything going as you intended. If only we had true friends who could just tell us and stop beating around the bush, leave alone allowing us to go ahead and make a fool out of ourselves.

Dirty games

Being around hot dudes, alcohol and peer pressure can mess with your judgment, big time. For some reason, you want to act cool and get courage to do anything to get some attention, or in the name of fun until you get too drunk. As in most cases, you will either go home with a guy you met up in the club, or with the hood rats you came with. Problem is, some disgusting dudes take advantage of you going as far as putting roofies in your drink. Next thing you know you’re in a strange bed half-dressed, and the probable scenario you’ve been taken advantage of by some dude you vaguely considered as a friend.


Sometimes you just can’t escape this, especially if you’re always looking for trouble. You probably are the type that leaves the club with another chic or dude and your partner gets wind of it. It’s so bad you go mteja first as you contemplate your next move and for some peace of mind. Once reality kicks in, you’ve been dumped and the fling is over before you even remember the name of the person you did the nasty with.

The morning after

Not sure of whether he used protection? Even before thinking of what STD you could have contracted, your mind is only thinking of how you cannot afford to get pregnant and the first move is to swallow a morning after pill and hope for the best, swearing not to play with fire again..