Amber Ray says that she has the worst taste in men and therefore feels anyone she has ever dated needs to work on themselves [Courtesy]

Socialite Amber Ray has revealed plans to get herself a new man this year.

Making the announcement via her social media, the mother of one stated that she is over her 2021 relationships and is now looking forward to trying a different one this year. She urged interested individuals to shoot their shot.

“Those I dated 2021 your certificates are out, please come and collect them and 2022 intake (is) ongoing….Chances are limited,” she wrote.


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According to Amber Ray, she has the worst taste in men and therefore feels anyone she has ever dated needs to work on themselves.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but I have the worst taste in men. If I have ever liked you, please work on yourself,” she added in a separate post.

Other than her goal of getting into a new relationship, Amber has revealed that she will make the most of her 2022 by trying more outdoor activities including; traveling, hiking, bowling, water parks, amusement parks, picnics and trying new restaurants.

“I wanna be outside this year, and I don’t mean clubs and parties. I mean traveling, hiking, jet skis, bowling water parks, amusement parks, picnics, trying new restaurants…,” she wrote.


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Amber’s desire to get into a new relationship has come as a surprise to many considering her involvement with businessman Jamal Marlow.

According to reports, Amber and Jamal might have mended their relationship and are currently still seeing each other after their highly publicised breakup as they were spotted at a meeting together and later a vacation in coast. The two even went ahead to post each other on their respective birthdays, a move that angered the Matatu Operators Association Chairman’s wife.

Infuriated by the numerous tags of their pictures, Amira revealed that they are no longer together and will soon be getting a divorce from the father of her kids and therefore wants nothing to do with him.

“Am addressing this for the very last time! Stop associating me with Jamal. You need to stop dragging me with every issue that you see out there, we are no longer together. Am not his wife, he is not my husband. Am not his problem, he is no longer my problem. I am only responsible and answerable to my kids. Kieleweke,” wrote Amira.

During their public dating days, Amber described Jamal as her best friend and the only man that knows her beyond social media.

“We have been friends for so long even when I was married to my ex. He is my best friend. He knows more than what's on social media,” she wrote.