Singer Akothee and lover Nelly Oaks.

Celebrated Singer Esther Akoth, aka Akothee, has taken to social media to write an open letter to her life partner Nelly Oaks. In an Instagram post, the Abebo hitmaker showered Nelly with praises and expressed her gratitude to him for standing by her side when she was unwell and admitted to the hospital.

Assuring Nelly of her love, Akothee prayed for blessings upon him and referred to him as her loving and caring husband.

"I will still choose you KING in any other given chances. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of life and a loving husband, I have nothing to give baba Elizabeth @nellyoaks may God bless you abundantly for taking my b*sH**t," she wrote in part.

Akothee also disclosed that Nelly had been there for her and never left her side since she was admitted. She confessed that she will always do whatever is within her power to love and protect her relationship.

"The hospital would be prison without you. I had my world with me, that gave me easy time to recover. I will protect and love you as longs as Our love is protected by the blood of Jesus," she added.

Akothee added that despite having her life figured out, she would always need Nelly by her side as he is her perfect package.

"I may have it all figured out in my life. But trust me you fall into the perfect package of my life," she said.

Opening up about the singer’s recovery process, Nelly admitted that Akothee had gone through a lot of pain, but he was grateful that she’s back on her feet.

“I had missed you active my baby, I have seen you go through lots of pain, no one can understand, from sleepless nights to sleeping pills, Hail the Energy goddess back to her feet. Thank you all for your encouragement prayers and love my Wife is up and running. I love you Esther Akoth Oyugi,” wrote Nelly.


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Akothee further advised those in relationships to always make their relationship work no matter the circumstances.

"Love whoever love you ,give your relationship the best. Never compare the grass on your neighborhood, just water yours your way. Never hurt those who love you ,they might not hurt you back ,but might choose to walk away forever," she added.