Diana Marua discharged from hospital

By Diana Anyango | 5 months ago
Diana Marua discharged from hospital.

After spending days in hospital, social media influencer Diana Marua has been cleared to go home.

Updating her fans on her recovery via her social media, the mother of three thanked netizens for their prayers and support.

"Just got discharged with a big smile on my face because I have ashamed the devil. Thank you my prayer partner for standing tall with me during all the difficulties. May God Love you, Increase You and Keep you for me Always. @BahatiKenya you are a rare treasure," she wrote.


"He had a show on Saturday out of town and he has not slept since he heard of my attack. He rushed to check up on me and the attacks were flaring every 20 minutes." 

Businesswoman Akothee was also recently hospitalised and discharged.

According to a previous post shared by Nelly Oaks, Akothee seems to have pushed her energy limits and therefore got extremely worn out.

"This is one woman who has always been there for everyone and everybody, she goes all out and stops at nothing to try make the world a better place. Anytime I see her down, I know her energy is worn out," wrote Nelly.


A post shared by AKOTHEE KENYA (@akotheekenya)

He added, "Let us learn to appreciate Esther Akoth Kokeyo. If you have not met Esther, you have not met an Angel yet. Let us all appreciate and thank God for bringing Esther into our lives. I love you Esther @akotheekenya." 

However, this is not the first time the mother of five has been forced to spend time in hospital. Akothee said the cause of her frequent hospitalisation was being around toxic people who took more from her than they gave.

"Find out the cause of your many trips to the hospital, I was admitted several times in hospital in 2019, 2018, and 2017. I thought it was energy burnout, and settled for it, I thought I was working too much, but it was not true. I was in toxic relationships with toxic people; too many people around me who needed me more than I needed them," she wrote in a previous post.

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