Vera Sidika. [Courtesy]

Social media personality and influencer Vera Sidika has shown off her figure three weeks after giving birth, revealing a small waist and flat tummy.

The popular socialite uploaded video selfie clips taken across a mirror, dressed in a yellow t-shirt, body hugging trousers and a baseball hat.

A content Sidika expressed that she is definitely feeling herself and is in high spirits since her delivery last month.

“Hot mom loading. It’s been three weeks since my CS surgery. What waist,” Sidika wrote.

The former video vixen gave the camera all angles of her waist and tummy. [Courtesy]

The former video vixen gave the camera all angles of her waist and tummy, showing that the new mom has bounced back to her well known hour glass frame quickly.

Sidika was joined on the clips by her husband, singer Brown Mauzo who caressed her waist and embraced her as the two beamed at their reflection.

Brown Mauzo, Vera Sidika. [Courtesy]

The couple announced the birth of their daughter, whom they named Asia Brown on October 20 through social media, calling her a miracle.


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“20.10.2021 at 10:21am…A princess was born Asia Brown…You will always be the miracle that makes our life complete,” Sidika wrote on Instagram.

“Thank you God for this blessing,” Mauzo wrote.

The baby girl is Sidika’s first- born child and the pair’s first together.

Vera Sidika shows off post-baby body. [Courtesy]

 The two started dating in early 2020, getting engaged months later.

Sidika gushed about her partner as she shared the major relationship milestone with their fans.

“Sweethearts, your girl got engaged on 24th September. It was the best pre- birthday gift ever! If someone told me I’d be engaged in 2020 I wouldn't have believed it, and just like that, like a dream, I’m engaged to the most amazing human ever!” the influencer wrote.

And Mauzo has had his share of grand gestures for his beau.

In August, the Natamani singer got his wife’s full name tattooed on his arms, one name on each.

“The love I have for my wife got me tattooing her name on my arm. This is for you baby. I love you!” a smitten Mauzo wrote on Instagram while documenting his tattoo appointment.

The couple celebrated every step of the way during Sidika’s pregnancy, throwing extravagant gender reveal and baby shower parties. They also released professional photo shoots; which had no doubt required a glam-squad for Sidika’s hair and make-up.