King Kaka discloses unknown details of his ailment

By Diana Anyango | 6 months ago
Rapper King Kaka.

Rapper King Kaka has opened up on details of the darkest days of his ailment journey that almost pushed him to lose hope of ever getting well again.

During a sit-down interview with his wife, media personality Nana Owiti, the Kaka Empire founder, said that he requested to be admitted into hospital for doctors to figure out what was happening to him as his condition worsened.


According to the Manifest singer, the doctor narrowed down his condition to HLH, sepsis, or blood infection and was given medication around that diagnosis.

“We did all sorts of tests still and almost settled on a condition called HLH and around sepsis and blood infection that makes you lose appetite and all sorts of things.”

Even though the rapper fought hard to get better and be reunited with his family, he admitted to having thought about death and if he would succumb to his ailment.

”As much as I am a fighter, there is a feeling that even if you try to fight, you can’t avoid it. I tried do much to fight it, like the first two days I thought let me fight it but on that third day that I started hallucinating I think it was a mixture of so many things and death was among them,” he revealed.


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King Kaka is now feeling better and is well on his way to full recovery.

“The biggest lesson I learnt from this whole experience is that God will give you strength… make you stronger for everything, that God loves us, it’s just up to us to accept. Another thing is that we don’t have what we call control. I was in hospital, couldn’t eat was puking blood, seating, losing weight without an answer and there is nothing I could do,” he said. 

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