I feel so dumb and heartbroken- Eric Omondi’s Wife Material winner speaks

By Fay Ngina | 2 months ago
Ayen Monica speaks on relationship with Eric Omondi.

The winner of Eric Omondi's Wife Material season 3, South Sudan model Ayen Monica, has spoken about her relationship with the comedian since the show's ending.

Taking to Instagram, Ayen posted a 5-second video getting cosy with Eric and accompanied it with a lengthy caption stating her disappointment for getting into a relationship with the comedian.

In her statement, Ayen says she feels heartbroken after Eric took advantage of her patience despite supporting him even when he was in the wrong.

"I'm not here to say much just to say I'm disappointed again it's the fact that he knew I was patient and took advantage of it, it's the fact that I supported him even if he was wrong he brought me all the way from my country to come and make me feel like I have to fight my way through his heart I feel so dumb and heartbroken right now being kept in this situation that I never asked for," read the statement in part.


"I will respect you, I will honor you with all Dignity. I promise to protect you. I can't wait to Start a family with you. I cannot wait to make beautiful babies with you. You are not only a super Model but you possess a Super heart. You Compliment me baby. You Complete me my love," wrote Eric.

Ayen's post comes days after Eric became the talk of the town following his online scuffle with media personality Jacque Maribe concerning the paternity of their seven-year-old son.

In his post on Instagram, Eric claimed that he had been asking Maribe for a DNA test to confirm that he is indeed the biological father of their son, something that she continually declined.

However, during an interview with a local radio station, Eric announced that he would continue being a present father in the child's life regardless of the DNA outcome, should Jacque agree to his request.

"I want the DNA test but Jacque does not want it. For seven years, we have had a push and pull over the DNA test. Let's not get the child involved…. I will take care of the child regardless of the outcome," he said.

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