Eric Omondi’s Wife Material Season 3 to be released on October 19, will feature ladies from Ethiopia, Nigeria

By Kirsten Kanja | 3 months ago
Comedian Eric Omondi. [Courtesy]

Africa’s self-proclaimed president of comedy, Eric Omondi, has announced that his controversial show, Wife Material will be hitting our screens on October 19.

The famous comedian disclosed the news on his Instagram account, where he had kept fans waiting for a big announcement.

“Tomorrow 9am we will reveal what October 19 is all about,” Omondi wrote on the social networking site.

True to the promise of exciting news, the funny man went on to disclose that he is accepting video submissions by interested participants.

Omondi kicked off the announcement by releasing a clip this morning, where he complained about dining alone at his Karen mega- mansion.

“My bed feels empty. I’m dining alone because this seat is empty. I, Eric Omondi, president of comedy Africa, am looking for the first lady of Africa. Ethiopia, Rwanda, Nigeria, South Sudan and Kenya- this is Wife Material, Africa edition,” Omondi said.

The video then panned out to show an aerial view of his luxurious mansion, which looks fit for a king, with its majestic size, manicured lawn, and swimming pool.


Omondi’s massive 3.6 million following seemingly did not disappoint, as the funny man then showcased that the videos from potential Wife Material contestants had begun streaming in.

“South Sudan has arrived, someone please translate,” an excited Omondi posted soon after, revealing a young South Soudanese fan, Shanice.

“I’m a big fan of Eric Omondi, and I heard he is looking for a wife,” the beauty began, before trailing off to continue speaking in her native language.

The comedian went on to post more submitted videos, one from a potential  Nigerian contestant, and another from a Kenyan- in a series of uploads that is likely to continue as Omondi showcases what will be expected on the show.

Wife Material is aired online via YouTube and the comedian’s social media handles. It picks up themes of finding love and marriage from international shows like ABC’s The Bachelor.

Omondi kisses Wife Material Season 1 winner, Band Beca's Carol Kamweru. [Courtesy]

In the previous seasons, contestants of the show pined for Omondi’s attention, each demonstrating how they are the perfect partner.

However, not all was smooth sailing, as Wife Material got the comedian into trouble with then Kenya Film Classification Board Ezekiel Mutua.

Mutua questioned the content, which included Omondi taking the ladies out on dates, sometimes kissing and embracing them.

Omondi with season 1 contestant, influencer Shakilla Amin. [Courtesy]

The online show’s second season came to an end prematurely in May, a conclusion which Omondi said was necessitated by a “rogue contestant”.

“Unfortunately, one of the contestants went completely and utterly ‘Rogue’ and despite numerous attempts to control the situation, the atmosphere in the house has not been conducive for the show to continue,” the comedian announced at the time.

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