Bridget Shighadi opens up on relationship with Nick Mutuma.

Popular actress Bridget Shighadi has opened up about her relationship with the father of her daughter, Nick Mutuma.

Revealing details of where they met, the mother of one, in an interview, said she met Nick right after high school, but their relationship was not consistent.

Bridget says their on-and-off relationship continued for a while but they eventually decided to move in together and raise their daughter, Dua.

“Nick is someone I have known for long. He was the first person I knew after high school. It has been on and off but since the baby, we have been together for three years,” she said.

Confirming that they now live together, Bridget also made it clear that after their daughter came into their lives, they mutually agreed to stick together.

“But before mtoto it was on and off and yes, sai tunaishi pamoja (Yes we live together),” she said.


A post shared by Nick Mutuma (@nickmutuma)Bridget further said that her relationship with Nick is now known to their parents. 


Bridget further said that her relationship with Nick is now known to their parents. 

The actress said the only thing remaining is officiating their union through a white wedding and dowry ceremony.

“It is official now, labda harusi tu ndio imebaki; wazazi wanajuana na pia ashatoa fine ya mtoto but sasa tunangoja ile official mahari, but we are taking our time hatuna haraka,” she said.

“If you are getting married you will be together for the rest of your life, so where is the rush. Right now we are focused on our careers and raising our daughter. We are building a good foundation before we get into all that,” she said.

Speaking about peer pressure and whether that has influenced some of her decisions, the actress who also double-ups as an entrepreneur said those who do things out of peer pressure never achieve their potential.

“I am a person who does things at my pace, what I feel am comfortable with and when ready,” she said.