Nick Ndeda’s ex, Muthoni Gitau reveals struggle with alcoholism

By Diana Anyango | 2 months ago
YouTuber Muthoni Gitau.

Media personality Nick Ndeda's Ndeda's ex-lover, YouTuber Muthoni Gitau, has opened up on a horrific incident she suffered at the age of 22 that left her with nothing but pain and addiction.

Narrating the ordeal during an interview with Engage Talk titled Healing From My Old Wounds, Muthoni said that one of her friend's roommates sexually abused her.

Since nobody understood her painful situation, the content creator turned to alcohol for solace.

On that fateful day, Muthoni recalls calling her friend late in the evening to ask if she could go over to his house in Wangige after her high school friend stood her up.

While there, Muthoni says her friend's roommate brought some friends over and later walked out.

"My friend randomly decides to leave the room, he did not tell me why, he just left. The next thing I know is that the roommate was in the room and he locked the door. I was confused because I had not given any implication that anything would happen between us," she says.


The turning point for Muthoni was when she almost died from an alcohol overdose. A friend recommended a therapist and since then she has not gone back to her old ways.

"I stopped drinking after that and started going for therapy sessions. I have been working on myself since," says Muthoni.

Having had her alcohol intake under control, Muthoni says she still drinks, but occasionally

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