Esther Kazungu and her husband James Kibunjah. (Courtesy/Boniface Mwangi-Twitter)

When it comes to weddings, most people have divided opinions of how much a couple should spend. However, off late, if conversations on social media are anything to go by, youths find spending a lot of money on that special day unnecessary.

A good example is when activist Boniface Mwangi took to Twitter and highlighted how much comedian Esther Kazungu and her husband James Kibunjah's wedding cost.

"Dated 6 years. Got married today. Civil marriage, lunch with family and close friends, total cost KES 60,000," wrote Boniface.

He added saying, "Get married for you. Stop the peer pressure of expensive wedding. Do you. Love the one you chose!"

Most Twitter users seemed to agree with Boniface's sentiments, with some saying weddings should even cost less than Sh60k.

"Still expensive, I paid The Kshs. 600 after 21Days Paid 3,300/= A Total Of 3,900. I we got our certificate. Today at Attorneys Office, Lunch Kwa Nyumba. Civil Way is The best," wrote a Twitter user named Kanyore.

Laura Walubengo responded saying, "I agree 100%. It should cost what you want it to cost. Anything grandiose should be for you and not anyone else if need be."

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Nick Kiriinya even says couples should not burden the family with contributions for unnecessary ceremonies.

"What I don't understand is how 2 persons of sound mind wake up and decide to burden people with a useless function that they can live without. To me wedding ceremonies are unnecessary events which can wait until when someone can afford without involving third parties," he wrote.

Duke of Kiandutu said, "The problem is we think people are the same or have the same priorities and social class ... When it comes to this do it your own way vile unataka ukiskia kufanyia sheria house fanya ,ukiskia kufanyia Italy we enda fanya ukiskia kuita watu 900 we ita hii life haina manual."

However, Kazungu says couples who have money and desire to have a luxury wedding should do so by all means.

"In short, if you're catering for everything without overstretching yourself then go for that which you can afford (whether it's Sh5m or Sh5k) but still have pocket change. And I know we always expect family to come through with small contributions here and there. But I believe the best mentality to go with is knowing it's all on you as the couple. So that if family and friends decide to come through it's a bonus," wrote Kazungu.

Esther Kazungu rose to fame during the Covid-19 pandemic after entertaining thousands with her hilarious viral skits of the South African Parliament.