Ezra FBI, Nigerian Instagram billionaire Mompha and Steve Mbogo.

Popular dancer and founder of the FBI dance crew Ezra Njagi has refuted allegations that he is being coached into joining politics.

The popular choreographer has in recent weeks been spotted in the company of wheeler dealers and aspiring politicians.

“No, I’m not being groomed to join politics by anybody. I’m aligning myself to safeguard my future but I wouldn’t mind working with any of them regardless of what people think,” he told Pulse.

Ezra recently took to Instagram to flaunt the company of billionaire businessman Jimi Wanjigi, youthful politician Steve Mbogo and businessman Ismaila Mustapha aka Mompha.

Mompha is a Nigerian social media big wig known for his extravagant spending, exotic cars and flamboyant lifestyle. At one time he was allegedly linked to embattled Instagram rich boy ‘with no traceable source of income’ Hushpuppi before the two fell out.

Whilst Mompha has been cleared of any criminal dealings, Hushpuppi was extradited to the US by the FBI where he faces criminal charges of money laundering.


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Mompha, a close associate and bosom buddies with Steve Mbogo, is in the country on holiday and hasn’t shied away from showing his luxurious lifestyle.