Kahush opens up on beef with KOT, crush on Tracy Wanjiru

By Alfayo Onyango | 1 month ago
Rapper Kahush.

In a new revealing interview with a local content creator called Tonnie Murithi, Kenya’s new face of hip hop Kahush addressed his beef with KOT, talked about his Tracy Wanjiru crush, and more.

The car-pool interview uploaded to social network YouTube and shared by Kahush and Tonnie Muriithi via Instagram was a hilarious episode of the two discussing everything.

Kahush dismissed being the type that pays fare for lady friends, saying, “If they want to come, let them come,” he said when probed his thoughts on guys providing bus fare for women to come over.

He then regards media personality Tracy Wanjiru as a “special somebody that he can risk it all for” in the 11th-minute mark.

“Nichome picha?” he asked the interviewer as he thought carefully of what to say, “One girl maybe is Tracy Wanjiru,” he mentioned. “That’s my crush. I think meeting her is a privilege. I even wanted her to be in my music video,” he said in a sleek fashion.