Kabi WaJesus denies holding grudge against Edgar Obare despite exposé, wishes him well

By Diana Anyango | 1 month ago
YouTuber Kabi WaJesus and Blogger Edgar Obare.

YouTuber Peter Kabi, famously known to his fans as Kabi WaJesus of the WaJesus Family, has set the record straight on the nature of his relationship with blogger Edgar Obare after viral exposé.

Speaking during Gospel singer Mr Seed's 'Black Child' album listening party held at Pride Inn Centre, Westlands, Kabi admitted that he was saddened by what Edgar and his family had been subjected to. In addition, Kabi wished that Edgar resolved the issue and returned to social media as soon as possible, adding that they have never been in communication despite being featured in his stories.   

"I don't have a problem with Obare. In fact, I feel very bad about what they are doing to him and the brother, we wish him well. Edgar keep pushing we are waiting for you to come back to social media.

"Edgar and I have never spoken," he said.

In a story shared on Edgar's social media page a few months ago, Kabi was accused of neglecting a child he sired before meeting his wife, Milly. As soon as the story broke out, Kabi took to YouTube to publicly deny the claims, a move that forced the child's mother to demand a paternity test, proving he was indeed the little girl's father.  


He explained that because their job is a calling from God to demonstrate His blessings and that marriage works, they cannot walk away from it.

"So many times I got to a point where I almost gave up on content creation and influencing but because I'm not doing this for money but to share the gospel of Christ plus it is what we have been called for, we can never say no.

"So I would really love to stop, sometimes even wish my wife and I could hide somewhere and not shoot but we have to continue with the Ministry of marriage works. We have to continue with the Ministry of 'Ni Jesus' so we can't stop," explained Kabi.

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