Suraj, Kato Change, and Sun-El Musician make music in Watamu

By Alfayo Onyango | 3 months ago
South African DJ Sun El Musician.

Collaborators Suraj and Kato Change have teamed up with award-winning DJ and producer from South Africa, Sun El Musician.

Sunel, visiting Kenya as a headliner during the magical Seven Islands Festival in Watamu played a 30-minute heavenly DJ set on Friday night, before spending some quality time on the Kenyan Coast with Kenyan artistes and locals.

A source tells Standard Entertainment the trio of Suraj, Kato, Sunel and other musicians including DJ Euggy and Blinky Bill were locked up in a room at the lavish Mawe Boutique Resort in Watamu creating lush sounds as they enjoyed the hospitality of the five-star resort.


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The three that were said to be camped for more than three nights soaking, only derailed when they would stroll the beautiful peachy vibes of the flawless Watamu beaches and turquoise waters.

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