Let us not blame our failed ambitions on Churchill, Owago Onyiro tells comedians

By Diana Anyango | 3 months ago
Owago Onyiro and Comedian Churchill.

Comedian John Otieno going by the moniker Owago Onyiro has defended his former boss and mentor Daniel Ndambuki, aka Churchill against constant blame put on him by struggling comedians.

Ranting in a recent online post, the funnyman said that Churchill, like a father, gave comedians the best he could to enable them to stand on their own. However, more often than not, he gets blamed when any of them messes up.

"Churchill does not have every solution to every comedians' problems. The best your father could give you while taking you to school was pocket money, and not salary. To my fellow comedians, do we expect Churchill to take us to school, teach us how to fish, and still expect him to pay us a salary? We are not fair to this guy because we did not pay him to appear on his platform," he wrote.

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According to Owago, comedians should learn to face their problems without dragging Churchill's name into their business.

"Let us not blame our failed ambitions on Churchill, he is also facing his own problems. Oooooh, I am depressed because of Churchill, I cannot pay my rent because of Churchill. Soon we will hear someone say they are not married because of Churchill, and that they cannot sleep because of Churchill," he said.

The social media sensation advised his fellow counterparts to consider investing in different businesses to widen their income stream and not depend on comedy alone, adding that being in the limelight was temporary.

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"Always learn to have a side hustle (invest in different businesses). Learn to respect and know how to live with people. Do not let celebrity syndrome make you see other people as useless. Always be humble to that mama mboga who sells you vegetables every day," he said. 

The comedian communicated the same sentiments to Kenyans, warning them against pointing fingers at Churchill over his late mentees' deaths.

"Let us stop blaming Churchill for everything comedians undergo. The other day I fell sick and came across weird comments. Some said, 'Churchill do not kill this one.' You mean comedians cannot fall sick and God forbid, die a natural death?" he posed. 

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