Deejay Kalonje.

The country is coming to terms with the extension of curfew restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Because of restrictions in social gatherings, a number of showbiz events have been cancelled, with some artistes finding ingenious ways to get their way outside our borders and travel abroad, where restrictions are less severe and the pay better.

Last weekend, Kenya’s sensational deejay Kalonje was hosting a gig in Juba Raha, South Sudan as the government played musical chairs with entertainers back home.


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Speaking on his return, the entertainer urged his colleagues to "think outside the box".

“Many artistes think it is impossible to travel. I did my first gig before the pandemic. This was my return and it was sold out since they like to party. The restrictions are more lenient and their businesses are still operational. All they do is adhere to the regulations by wearing masks. If only Kenyans can grab any opportunity and seek greener pastures elsewhere to feed their families, why not? Let us adapt to live with the situation. I got paid in dollars,” he said.

His third gig is in the works.