Rapper Boutross.

Rapper Boutross is known for his savagery bars and ladies-man persona, but apparently that could all be an image as the Ndovu ni Kuu rapper is actually in a faithful intimate relationship.

It must be couple season or the love bug in the air because during the rapper’s event Shrap Day Out at Kikao Place, Lavington last week, the emcee was spotted with his gorgeous rumoured foreign girlfriend Charleen Langham.

A lot of PDA and good times was all eye witnesses on the ground could see as the lovebirds treated fans to a lot of eye candy, and to be fair, the Yeahx3 msanii seems bubby around his new doll.

They could be seen frozen dancing, smoking and drinking, and all that fun stuff in between. They even left for another performance together, with friends tagging along.

Not much is known about his squeeze however; she is apparently of Kenyan-French descent, lives an arguably private life, loves weed more than Boutross, and appreciates a good time.

The two only started posting one another romantically during the event, so it seems Boutross now has more than music to worry about. Sorry, ladies.