DJ Steve Junior. (Courtesy)

Ahead of his birthday party tomorrow, celebrated Kenyan Reggae Deejay, Steve Junior has said he is not about to retire.

He is one of the veteran Reggae deejays actively practicing Reggae deejaying, having been around for the last 20 years.

The award-winning decks-master who also runs his Reggae outfit, New Wave Sound, says he is looking forward to taking Kenyan Reggae to the world as he states, "the level I want to take Reggae no one expected".

"When I spoke of hosting a mega birthday party to be attendant by most Reggae deejays and other celebrities, everyone started asking if it would be sort of a special retirement ceremony. That sounded like a big joke as I feel that I am just getting started in this game. I am not about to retire," the US Mashujaa Award winner said.

The DJ said that during the birthday party, he would be making a big announcement. "I have plans of enlarging the New Wave Sound stable beyond Kenya and more.

Right now, my focus is on ensuring that Reggae music – as a genre – is respected and embraced across the continent. I have created great partnerships to ensure we also export this idea to the United States, where fans have been asking us to create branches," he said.

The all-white party set to be held at Ibury Lounge has attracted attention from scores of Reggae fans, most of whom follow his show on BTV every Sunday.

Generally, Reggae events hardly have their followers getting an all-white dress code hence the big fuss around the ceremony.

One of the deejays called Standard Entertainment & Lifestyle wondered if DJ Steve Junior wanted to start a Reggae deejays school.

"Huyu veteran anaanzisha shule ya roots nini (Is this veteran starting a (Reggae) roots school or)?" posed the popular deejay, who did not want his name disclosed.

Branded the International Roots Master, Steve Junior has been hosting major concerts in Kenya and participating in major US festivals, especially in Texas and New York cities.