Zari and Diamond with their kids in South Africa.

Over the weekend, Bongo star Diamond Platinumz shared photos and videos on social media of his children Nillah and Tiffah and himself having a great time in South Africa.

The photos and videos depicted perfect bonding sessions between a father and his children.

In one of the videos, Diamond was captured bursting the famous South African Amapiano dance after being challenged by his daughter Tiffah.

@mama_dangote wambie wajukuu zako wakae mbali, wasijaribu kabisa kushindana na mie kwenye kudance hizi Amapiano, kuishi south Africa isiwe tabu ???????? @princess_tiffah @princenillan #IyoChallenge #Iyo,” Diamond posted.

Diamond and his kids Nillah and Tiffah. (Courtesy)

This seemed to have warmed the heart of Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan, who took to social media to praise Diamond for what she termed as stepping up to be a good father.

Through an Instagram post, the mother of five uploaded their family photo, along with a message praising the Iyo hitmaker for his efforts in parenting.

“It takes only a brave to turn around and do the right thing. The smiles on Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan are priceless. We appreciate you, papa,” she wrote.

Diamond and his kids Nillah and Tiffah. (Courtesy)

In the past, Zari has come out to accuse Diamond of being an absentee father.

In fact, just early last year, Zari came out to reveal that Diamond was not supporting their children financially.

“But you do not know what your children eat, or how they sleep - if fees and medical insurance are paid. You will never please the world when your own are not happy and taken care of. You are selling a lie.” she wrote.

However, the two later mended their relationship and for the first time after their public split, Zari took her children to Tanzania to visit their father.

During an interview at the time, the mother said she is not interested in getting back with Diamond but co-parenting with him.

“We are not back together, but I brought the children because their father wanted to see them.

He was unable to come to see them because he has a lot of things lined up. The children missed him; I mean, he has not seen them for the last two years,” said Zari.