Singer Krispah.

Singer Krispah has viciously responded to Dexta Briyanka, an upcoming artist claiming to be a KU ambassador, after reporting his song Ndovu Kuu and getting it deleted from YouTube.

Speaking in a lengthy video posted on his Instagram page, the seemingly irritated Krispah recalled being contacted by an individual identified as Koinange Mashua, who alleged to be Kenyatta University's Director of Commutations.

According to Koinange, Krispah's use of the acronym 'KU' in his popular song negatively impacted the institution and therefore needed him to make amends by performing in the school's upcoming graduation.


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"What you guys don't know is that this issue began on Friday, July 16, after someone named Koinange Mashua reached out to me claiming to be the Director of Communications, Kenyatta University, and that Dr Kingori gave him my number during a previous episode of The Wicked Edition. We are always in business so I often pick foreign calls. We spoke and asked him if we can have a professional meeting with him and my management team via Zoom and all that but I was busy at the time so we had to reschedule.

"So this guy, Koinange Mashua told us that we needed to have a discussion because our song was having a negative impact on their brand as a school and that we needed to chart a way forward. He went on to say that he has spoken to the school's Vice-Chancellor and decided it would be best if I performed during the school's graduation that is to be held on Friday, July 23, and collaborate with the school's upcoming artists claiming that in doing so we will mitigate the negative reputation my son has given their school," said Krispah.

Things, however, took a turn for the worst after Krispah emailed Koinange his rate card, seeing he is a brand requesting compensation for his upcoming performance. He dismissed Krispah's request stating that they would not pay him for tarnishing the school's name.

"I didn't mind doing that but because I'm an artist and a brand. We invest in our craft and it is a graduation we had to charge. I sent him a proposal and cost implications of the same and he wrote back saying Kenyatta University will not pay us to mitigate implication that my song brought to their institution adding that the schools intake has dropped after his song release," Krispah added.

Addressing Dexta Briyanka, Krispah denied sampling the singer's song explaining that he mixed his song by himself.

"Now another guy comes and says that I sampled his song. This guy has 30 subscribers and we have listened to that song with my team and there is no sonic or visual relation to his song and mine. I'm a music producer. I have a Master's degree in Music Production. I have that songs vocals because I mixed it myself. I mastered it and made that beat. How do you claim that song is similar to mine? You are down, you don't have a talent, you are just forcing issues and that's pretty evident."

The fast-rising star cautioned individuals against taking advantage of artists and reporting their work, stating that they too work hard for their money and will therefore not be bullied.

"This people misusing YouTube tools to bring artists down please know artists are doing business. We are out here spending our hard-earned money to popularize our brands and you want to make us look stupid as though we are doing child's play, we will not allow that," he concluded.