Singers Masterpiece and Willy Paul.

Upcoming gospel singer Masterpiece claims his peer Willy Paul “buys You Tube views”.

In an interview with a local media outlet, the Humble singer urged his counterpart Willy Paul to “stop lying to himself”.

“Wasanii tuwache kujidanganya. Unapata msanii ananunua views alafu akiitwa show mahali kama US, hawaezi jaza,” he said.

He went on “Unaona kwa mfano wasanii wa Nigeria tunawashinda views lakini wakiitwa show, hizo views zinapelekana na reality.”

The chase for having a number 1 trending song has always been an achievement Kenyan artistes have obsessed over.

Masterpiece has cited an unethical practice whereby artistes are competing unfairly against one another in a bid to claim the most trending song. 

Artists such as Octopizzo have in the past also been put on the spotlight for manipulating their numbers to maintain a certain image to the public.