Master KG's Jerusalema ft Nomcebo Zikode. (Courtesy)

Open Mic Productions has responded to allegations made by South African singer Nomcebo Zikode over unpaid royalties after featuring on Master KG's hit song Jerusalema

On Sunday morning, Nomcebo took to her Twitter handle and claimed she was yet to receive any money from the record label despite the song's global success. 

"Thank you to all the fans of #Jerusalema you have made my dreams a reality, with attaining a global hit song. My voice and lyrics have transcended globally, but I still await what is due to me."

"I have not been paid a cent by the label for Jerusalema despite the song's global success. I have been ridiculed, with efforts to marginalise my contribution. The continued love and support from the fans of Jerusalema has been my strength and anchor during this difficult time," she said.

Singer Nomcebo Zikode. (Courtesy)

Nomcebo further noted that she couldn't stay silent on the issue as a female artist and that the case is now with her lawyers.

Following the allegations, Master KG, owner and artist of Jerusalema called out Nomcebo, saying she already received R1.5million (Sh11.3million) from the song.

"@Nomcebozikode Can you confirm if you Not yet Received R1.5 Million So far From Jerusalema???And before I Explain many things You Guys Havent Paid Me For 'Xola Moya Wami" Till date...But you Received money so far From Jerusalema," wrote Master KG.

Master KG further alleged that Nomcebo demanded a bigger percentage of royalties from the song despite a 50/50 agreement.

Master KG. (Courtesy)

"The Agreement Of Jerusalema Is 50/50 Between Me And Nomcebo But Wants 70% and I Must Get 30%," tweeted Master KG.

Hours after the allegations made by the two artists went viral on Twitter and confusing their fans, Open Mic productions released a statement to clarify the issue.

"We can confirm that during the creation of the song that Master KG (the main Artist) and Nomcebo Zikode (the featured Artist) agreed on sharing 50/50 of Master KGs earnings. The featured artist's agreement which reflected an equal split between the two artists was drafted last year November for both parties to sign. Nomcebo Zikode through her legal team reviewed the contract and proposed for a higher percentage," the statement in part.

The production company further stated that no payment had been made to either of the artists since Nomcebo was yet to sign the Featured Artist Agreement that records the agreement between them before heading to the studio to record the song.

"This is the agreement that stipulates amongst other matters, what percentage of Master KG's artist rotalities is payable to Nomcebo for her role as a featured artist in the song. These engagements remain on going and as soon as these are concluded and the agreement is signed by all the parties, payment will be made immediately," concluded the statement.

The song, which premiered on YouTube in December 2019, quickly grew to become a favourite of many and has garnered over 421million views so far. It went viral during the lockdown period, leading to the #JerusalemaChallenge that incorporated various moves and trended on various social media platforms.

The song became so famous that Shazam, an application that can identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows, recognized Jerusalema as the most searched song on the platform worldwide in 2020.