Ugandan singer Jackie Chandiru.

In July last year, sensational Ugandan singer Jackie Chandiru released a song with Kenya’s Arrow Bwoy, The One, the first major song to get her back into the limelight after a two-year hiatus.

For long, she had been in rehab after a career-threatening ill health that got her devastated as she ended up in rehab following three suicide attempts instances.

As she hit showbiz headlines in 2019 after a photo of her, frail and shocking dark than usual, emerged on social media, many thought the Gold Digger singer had dipped in drug addiction. However, she later clarified that she was addicted to prescription pain medication and not cocaine or heroin, as early alleged.

She has since been living in Kenya, and besides the hit collabo she did with Arrow Bwoy, the former Blu 3 star has found a home in Kenya. In fact, she is becoming more popular here than some of the established Kenyan artistes.

After participating as a judge at the recently held Shamz Media Talent Search gig where over 50 hopeful turned up, each aspiring to win the lucrative top prize that included a two year recording deal, we, again, trace her at the Westlands, Nairobi, based studios with a host of artistes as they plan on how to make the Kenyan music industry lucrative.

“You don’t have to miss Uganda and all I was doing there since I am now here. I love Kenya and honestly can’t say I miss Uganda. If you see me getting comfortable in a studio like this one, just know that I have done my research and that I am comfortably at home,” she tells Standard Entertainment and Lifestyle.

“I have been in Kenya since 2019 and I am liking everything going on here. I have so many projects in the pipeline and just to let you know, I feel so comfortable here. I am not in a hurry to go anywhere,” she adds.

“Jackie is so talented and everyone knows that. She is working with Kenyan artistes and we have the privilege to work with her as part of our East African team,” says K Daddy, the General Manager, Shamz Media.

Saying she is back and ready to shine like her days of Blu 3, the singer discloses that her latest projects will be out in a few months.