Diana Marua and Bahati.

Content creator Diana Marua's relationship with her husband, singer Bahati has not always been as rosy as many assume. According to Diana, challenges surrounding their relationship pushed her to consider calling it quits.

Recalling their early difficult dating years during an interview with SimuliziNaSauti, Diana admitted that after her relationship with Bahati became public, critics camped on her social media trolling her for dating a man three years younger than her.

Being new to the attention she was getting, Diana confessed that she considered breaking up with Bahati so that people could stop talking about her.

"The first two years were crazy, actually the first two years were mad and I had to toughen up. At the time he had not introduced any other woman on his social media except me. Then the issue of our age difference came up and people started talking. Just new in a relationship and with the age difference talk going on I felt I couldn't stay in the relationship anymore because I couldn't stand being talked about," she said.

However, according to the mother of three, her husband's love assurance, despite what people were saying, gave her strength to continue fighting to be together.  

"The good thing is he stood by us. When people were busy talking about our age difference he was busy building us and it is that that made me push on. I realized, this man loves me. It is not because of my age or the difference which is just 3 years, he loves me for who I am. I cried on several occasions because of the trolling because people can be quite mean but I came to toughen up. I am no longer in that space," she added.

The duo has grown to become one of the most envied celebrity couples in Kenya due to their undeniable chemistry and outward affection.

Break up prank

A few months ago, Diana and Bahati almost tricked their fans into believing they were separated after unfollowing him on social media and asking netizens to help her find a new place.

A section of worried fans begged the two to try and sort things out instead of breaking up only to find out they were promoting one of Bahati's upcoming songs.

"Many wished to see it over...Drops today at 12pm sharp! This is my first ever collabo... Subscribe to Bahati Kenya YouTube channel to join the premier!" she wrote.

This is, however, not the first time the two have toyed with the idea of breaking up. During a previous episode of Being Bahati, Diana packed her belongings, threatening to leave Bahati. According to her, Bahati was working too much and had no time for his family.

"We got into an argument and I packed my stuff, like three weeks ago. Baha is never home and even if he makes it home early, he comes and tells me how tired he is and all the meetings he has lined up. He plays with his child for two minutes then goes to sleep," said Marua.