Rocket and Groot, superhero characters. (Courtesy)

Marvel’s successes with their video games have been a hit and miss over the years. For every great game like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance or Spider-Man 2, there have been a dozen dumpster fires like X-Men: Destiny or Fantastic Four. One of the consequences of this limited success is that Marvel tends to only give the biggest names a chance to shine in the video game world, namely Spider-Man and the X-Men.

We would like to see a game led by some of the heroes that have so far been relegated to bit players in an ensemble or worse, a cameo appearance in a cut scene.

Dare devil

This is a special character since he is blind, but his other senses are enhanced and he “sees” using radar-like vision.

Scouring the streets of Hell’s Kitchen in New York City, where a player can clip back and forth between a third-person point of view and first-person radar vision, would make for a new kind of superhero gaming experience.

Rocket and Groot

The beauty of Rocket and Groot is how well they complement each other. Rocket is a small, fast-talking, gun-toting, explosion-loving rodent. Groot is a huge, super-strong tree creature.

Imagine the ability to switch between one character loaded with guns and bombs and the other who can take tonnes of damage while he bashes enemies with extendable wooden limbs.

Putting aside their abilities, the characters were clear fan favourites in their MCU debut, and centering a video game on them would promise an action-packed, hilarious story set in space.


This great character with decades of lore, character-building and personality backing him up is yet to rise to prominence in a stand-alone video game. More people probably know his name than Iron Man’s. With that kind of star power and timeless cool-factor, this can be an amazing game going by his motto, “I am good at what I do”.

The punisher

This is a superhero with no superpowers, has few friends and no steady supply of cash. He chases his own idea of justice as an anti-hero vigilante, driven by a mixture of love for his deceased family and resentment for their killers.

This status as an anti-hero makes him far more intriguing than standard heroes because he is not ostentatiously good. He is flawed, and that makes him believable.


Imagine the graphics with an incredible clever mechanic — offering a weapon that can hit enemies up-close, but also thrown and hits more enemies on the way back to your hand.

Think of “God of War” game for PlayStation 4 introduced ‘the Leviathan Axe’, which can be thrown at enemies and recalled to your hand like a magnet. It is reminiscent of a certain Marvel superhero demigod and his trusty hammer and to be fair, Thor comics and films introduced this weapon concept way before “God of War” came out.


Lang is a wiz with computers and electronics, offering an array of gadgets, hacking, or creative ways to take down enemies. There is his control of ants, using them as spies and transportation. More obvious though, is his ability to shrink and take on situations virtually undetected plus his ability to change sizes during combat.

Moon knight

Within the last few years, we have been lucky enough to have Moon Knight appear in several games. These appearances cover a broad range within games. He can be seen in unplayable support roles, as a fully playable character, and even as the theme to a pinball table.

Captain marvel

She has been steadily gaining popularity in the comics since Carol Danvers took the role in 2012, but the character has actually been around since 1968.

Her power set essentially makes her like Marvel’s version of Superwoman, with superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, flight and energy blasts. She also spends a lot of time in the Marvel cosmic corner of the universe, which means a game focused on the character could see her on Earth or in space, or ideally a combination of the two.

This is another instance where a female-led video game could provide some diversity to video games, and if the movie is as successful as the MCU’s other properties, fans will be clamouring for a video game.