Vera Sidika.

Popular socialite turned businesswoman Vera Sidika has set the record straight regarding accusations that she previously procured an abortion. Taking to social media, the socialite claimed that she has never been pregnant before and, therefore, never aborted.

According to her, she is obsessed with babies and could not fathom the thought of hurting them. She revealed that she has always been very protective of herself and never put herself in any compromising situation that would leave her with an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. She disclosed that when in serious relationships, she made sure that she was on contraceptives.

"I heard rumors that an ex said I aborted. This is not true. I'm obsessed with babies. I love kids so much, and I would never get preggo just to abort. When single, I take precautions. When in a serious relationship, I am always on contraceptives to avoid getting pregnant, coz I was never ready," she said.


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Through a song, Otile Brown, who dated Vera Sidika for a while before a very nasty public break-up, hinted that he walked out on a relationship after the lady he was dating carried out an abortion. Their fans believed Otile Brown talked about Vera Sidika in the emotional song he released shortly after their break-up.

Usijifanye eti hujui, Tatizo mimba yangu ulioitoa, Mimi niacheni msione nipo kimya mwenzangu nina mengi. Wacha nilie na moyo wangu maneno maneno mimi sipendi. I will do better", sings Otile in the song dubbed "Niacheni"

Vera's clarification on the matter comes barely a month after she disclosed that she was pregnant with her husband, Brown Mauzo. Taking to social media, the socialite admitted that she is excited to be carrying a little one inside her.


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"6.06.2021 ...An adventure is about to begin... I love you so much my Husband @brownmauzo254 ??????" shared Vera Sidika.

Sharing more details of her pregnancy, the founder of Vera Sidika Beauty Parlour disclosed that she was on birth control which she got rid of after agreeing to get pregnant. Vera said she removed the contraceptive she was using in January this year, and on Valentine's Day, she became pregnant. 

"I conceived on February 14, Valentine's Day. I know this because that's the date I ovulated. I tracked my period when it came in January, and on the first trial, we got pregnant," she said.