Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime.

Celebrated Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime has shared details of her past relationships. Taking to social media, the mother of one disclosed that she grew up very close to her father, which cost her several relationships.

Narrating the tight bond she shared with her father, the comedian admitted that she loved her father more than her late mother while growing up. In a social media post, Kansiime further disclosed she had a special nickname for her father.

“I would like to think I am not the only girl accused of loving their father more than their mum growing up. I call my father my boy lollipop,” she said.


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Sharing more details about the bond she shares with her father, the comedian who also doubles up as show host further said that the close relationship she enjoys with her father stretches 17 years ago when she first owned her first phone.

Kansiime further explained that her father would call her every evening to check how she was doing and if she needed anything. According to her, this did not settle well with her then boyfriends. She revealed that they always suspected that she was cheating on them.

“I have always done that since I owned my first phone 17 years ago, something that cost me a few redundant relationships growing up with sons of women assuming I was cheating on them whenever my dad would give me his daily routine evening calls to check on me,” she said.

She further reaffirmed the love she has towards her father. In the social media post shared on Instagram, Kansiime opened up and revealed that she counts her blessings and her father is one of them.

“You have been my love since time in malaria and that love has only grown Musigazi. I love you, dad, and continue to count my blessings,” she added.

The comedian took the opportunity to also extend her love and gratitude to her fiancée and baby daddy Tukahirwa Abraham, commonly known as Skylanta, for being a great father to their first son Selassie Ataho. While at it, Kansiime also joked about the looks of Skylanta, whom she referred to as 'a fine man with no pimple.’

“Fast forward, I finally landed myself a fine man with no pimple ba bladipit toleta Skylanta, and he is already an amazing father to our son, Selassie Ataho,” she added.