Ali Nur offers to pay Bahati Sh200,000 after Ezekiel Mutua's decision to end partnership.

Honorable Mohamed Ali Nur has offered to pay musician Bahati Sh200,000 as compensation after the Kenya Classification Board (KFCB) boss Dr. Ezekiel Mutua prematurely ended his partnership with the board.

In Ali Nur's opinion, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua should have handled the matter privately without tainting Bahati's reputation, stating that his uncalculated move could eventually cost the singer his career.

"I believe there are better ways to sort issues other than parading them online for cheap publicity. KFCB's CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua alias Deputy Jesus has said that he has cancelled 200k partnership deal with Bahati. That has not only tainted Bahati's name but also jeopardized his main source of income. In my consistent commitment to support local artists, I am going to pay the 200k to artists," he wrote.

"I feel so bad when our own artists are intimidated by those that are supposed to help them. I will stand with them forever," he added.  

Partnership cancellation

On Saturday, June 12, 2020, Dr. Mutua announced the Wanani singer's Sh200,000 financial support cancellation citing a breach of the clean content and partnership policy the singer and the board agreed upon.

Although Dr. Mutua did not elaborate on the exact cause of the termination, many suspect it could be because of Bahati's viral video showing him smoking a cigar while enjoying the company of an unidentified lady.

"This week @InfoKfcb cancelled over 200k cash and other kind support to musician @BahatiKenya following the posting of videos, which contravened our clean content and partnership policy. Our team decided to cancel the support and disassociate completely with the planned event," he wrote.

Several online users camped on his comment section not long after his announcement to give their opinion on the matter, with many applauding him for the stern move.

"I agree… The content must not be dirty to sell!," wrote a user by the name Teacher Michael Mang'urio.

 "Thanks for the cancelation. However, what criteria is used to give financial support to an established artist like @BahatiKenya and not upcoming artists who need help getting their content out to the public? Is there such a kitty and how do artists access it?" added Anne Mwangi 

According to Nilote Official, Dr. Mutua saved Kenyans the distress caused by artists' unnecessary stunts pulled to gain attention from fans.


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"@EzekielMutua you are doing a good job if possible just cancel this music industry... We are tired of public stunts," he wrote.

However, a section of online users felt that the KFCB boss's decision was unfair, explaining that it might push some artists to have mental health problems.

"Don't cause youths mental health problems. There is nothing that can't be discussed. Call Bahati and end his contract professionally not through social media. Harassment at its best Mr. Mutua," wrote a concerned user by the name Mkoigu.