Tarzan: The Epic Adventures star Joe Lara dies aged 58 in plane crash. (Courtesy)

Tarzan: The Epic Adventures star Joe Lara has died aged 58 in a small plane crash.

No survivors have been found in the private jet crash which authorities said killed seven people - including Joe, his wife Gwen Lara who died aged 66 and locals who were all a part of the same church.

The plane, which was a Cessna Citation 501, smashed into Percy Priest Lake not long after takeoff.

Emergency services worked through the night on Saturday before all the passengers were presumed dead.

The rescue services were on the crash scene via boat initially and later performed a dive operation to search the area.

The plane apparently flew out of Smyrna Airport, near Nashville, on Saturday, according to reports.

Their destination was reportedly near Palm Beach, Florida, TMZ reported.

The actor shot to fame for his role as Tarzan on TV from 1996 until 2000. (Courtesy)

All the families of the passengers were informed before the devastating news broke and the plane crash was in a storm of headlines.

The other victims have been named as: Jennifer J. Martin, David L. Martin, Jessica Walters, Jonathan Walters and Brandon Hannah.

It's understood The National Transportation Safety Board have launched an investigation to find out why the plane crashed.

Late Joe and his wife leave behind Gwen's heartbroken grown-up children from her first marriage.

“Our efforts have transitioned from a rescue effort to that of a recovery effort,” Rutherford County Fire Rescue Captain Joshua Sanders said during a news conference.

“We are no longer… looking for live victims at this point.”

Joe and Gwen were madly in love and married in 2018.

Gwen was a diet guru and founded the Remnant Fellowship Church in 1999.

They hosted their own YouTube channel Life With Gwen and Joe which gave fans a look at their life together.

As for his high-flying career, the actor shot to fame for his role as Tarzan on TV from 1996 until 2000.

His leading role covered 22 episodes which followed on from the TV movie Tarzan in Manhattan.

Joe was best known for his role as Tarzan but had many other acting credits to his name.

He was in the limelight for nearly 30 years thanks to his high-flying acting career.