Kelly Clarkson's 20 years in showbiz, from pop star to Ellen's replacement. (Courtesy)

It's true, our life really would suck without her.

Kelly Clarkson always seemed like she had more than just a good voice: she's naturally warm and able to spark up relationships with just about anyone.

Her friendly nature meant the first two seasons of The Kelly Clarkson Show, her US chat show, were successes, and now it has been announced that the third season will replace The Ellen DeGeneres show as NBC's main daytime talk show.

"We look forward to Ellen DeGeneres' 19th season paired with Kelly Clarkson for what is sure to be a blockbuster year," the president of NBCUniversal Local told The Hollywood Reporter.

"By 2022, The Kelly Clarkson Show will be the star of our daytime entertainment schedules and an asset to our early afternoon newscasts."

Kelly Clarkson is to take over the time slot for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (Courtesy)

It comes as Ellen DeGeneres' talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show has announced it will come off air following wide-ranging accusations of toxic workplace culture on set from current and former staff members and dramatically falling ratings.

So what led American Idol winner Kelly to this point of her career?

By the time she takes over from Ellen in 2022, Kelly will be celebrating her 21st year in showbusiness. The Texas-born singer-songwriter won the first edition of American Idol in 2002 and her career has sustained throughout the years since.

She has released eight studio albums, with a ninth on the way, and has dropped an album consistently every two years from 2007 until 2017.

Her biggest hits include Since You Been Gone, My Life Would Suck Without You and Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You), which are characterised by their catchy choruses, messages of resilience and powerful vocals.

Twenty year old Kelly Clarkson, winner of American Idol. (Courtesy)

Over the past five years she has diversified her work, revealing more of herself to audiences. She has released a children's book featuring a lullaby, and in 2018 became a judge on singing show The Voice, where audiences got to experience more of her in a relaxed environment, chatting with contestants and her co-judges.

These projects demonstrated Kelly's versatility and led the way toward The Kelly Clarkson show, which premiered in 2019 and features a variety of guests coming into the studio to chat about their lives, and their upcoming work. Also featuring segments about real-people, the show was instantly a success.

For its first season it won three Daytime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host for Clarkson.

It was billed by NBCUniversal as a show that would "break with tradition" by using Kelly's "gift of connection" to connect audiences with the talk show format in a new way.

Critics and viewers have praised Kelly for levelling with guests no matter who they were, and the show has enjoyed high ratings, beating Ellen's on more than one occasion. According to Deadline, The Kelly Clarkson Show "premiered as the most watched talk show in seven years."

"There’s a genuine kindness with Kelly, she comes across as relatable and caring which is something that people of every generation connect to," celebrity communications expert Danny Deraney told "Every time I worked on a project with her, she was kind, caring and had no ego about her. People respond well to that.”

One section audiences have particularly latched onto is the 'Kellyoke' segment, where the 39-year-old puts her spin on famous songs. She has performed her own nuanced versions of Carly Simon's You're So Vain, Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars and One Fine Day by The Chiffons.

The promotion means Kelly will step into the much-coveted 3pm daily slot, whereas before her slot was on at 2pm before Ellen came on at 3pm. 3pm is seen as the prime time afternoon slot on the network, which leads into local news slots.

”'The Kelly Clarkson Show’ is one of the most optimistic success stories in first-run syndication,” said Tracie Wilson, executive VP of NBCUniversal Syndication Studios. “Kelly and our entire production team put their heart, intent and incredible passion into making a show that resonates with people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. We’re working on some big plans for Season 3 and are looking forward to becoming the premier show in daytime for years to come.”

The Kelly Clarkson Show isn't currently available to UK audiences, although Kelly's Kellyoke songs and many of the guest interviews are uploaded to the show's YouTube channel.