Kim Kardashian sued by 7 ex-staff for 'unpaid wages and failing to provide breaks'.

Kim Kardashian is being sued by seven of her former employees due to their alleged working conditions.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 40, has been hit by a lawsuit from her former gardeners and maintenance staff who say she failed to properly pay wages, refused to pay for overtime and would not allow them to take meal breaks.

According to court documents, the ex-employees also say they were never paid on time and claim they had 10 percent of their wages docked for tax, which she then didn't hand over to the authorities, when they worked at her $60m (Sh6.4billion) Hidden Hills mansion.

The staff members claim they were told they were full-time employees when they were first hired, but say they were instead treated like independent contractors.

This led to them losing out on any full-time benefits, according to court documents seen by TMZ.

Kim is also being sued for "failure to pay overtime wages" and for "unfair and unlawful business practices".

One worker alleges he was fired on the spot when he asked about overtime, taxes and rest breaks.

He also claims he asked about the rights of his son, whom he says was only 16, but worked more than the maximum hours allowed for a child under California law.

Kim Kardashian.

None of the employees received pay stubs or itemised wages, and they also claim Kim failed to keep track of the hours they worked.

Kim is worth an estimated $1billion (Sh107.6billion) thanks to her cosmetics and clothing businesses, as well as product endorsements and her income from KUWTK.

According to the Daily Mail, Lawyer Frank Kim of law firm Kim Legal, who is bringing the case against Kim, said: "Wage theft and other workplace violations are a widespread problem in Los Angeles.

"My firm is currently investigating other potential violations against these defendants, as well as other powerful families and businesses on behalf of everyday workers."

Kim's rep told the website: "These workers were hired and paid through a third party vendor hired by Kim to provide ongoing services.

"Kim is not party to the agreement made between the vendor and their workers, therefore she is not responsible for how the vendor manages their business and the agreements they have made directly with their staff.

"Kim has never not paid a vendor for their services and hopes that the issue between these workers and the vendor who hired them can be amicably resolved soon."

It comes after Kim rowed with her sister Kourtney Kardashian over the older sibling's treatment of Kim's nanny.

Kim accused her of "degrading" one of her nannies in front of the children.

She told her sister she likes the nanny and wants "to keep my staff for a long time, so that's how I feel" and saying: "Kourtney, you can't even keep a nanny."