YouTuber Kabi WaJesus.

Social media is ablaze following the recent confessions by YouTuber Kabi WaJesus that he sired a child long before getting married to content creator Milly WaJesus.

Trending number one on Twitter, Kabi WaJesus is on the receiving end, with a section of netizens calling him out for embarrassing his family.

"Wait. Wait. Wait one minute. Si this man did a whole video denying these allegations of him being Abby's father!? Alafu even his wife fake cried in the video?! What kind of embarrazzzment is this pls?" @Jillkui tweeted


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On the other hand, a section is accusing Kabi of being a hypocrite. According to a Twitter user identified as MzeeKiborr, Kabi represents our current youth who are obsessed with sex and evading responsibilities.

"Kabi Wa Jesus is the representation of our current youths who are obsessed with sex, eating relatives, denying own children and hiding in religion. No sane man can deny an own baby after enjoying penetration like Kabi did with Abby. Accepting it now is hypocrisy," @MzeeKiborr tweeted.

In light of the confessions, other netizens questioned the relationship between Kabi and the daughter after he previously admitted that Abby's mother is his biological cousin.

"So now you want to tell me that Abby is both the niece and daughter to Kabi Wa Jesus," @IanJamesMwai commented adding that, "Sasa Kabi wa Jesus atakuwa anaitwa 'Danko' for being the dad and uncle to the same kid I don't even want to remember how they lied about this whole issue and even cried on camera subjecting Mama Abby to emotional torture. Hypocrates ! Raaaf , these are cousins."

Amidst the backlash, according to a user identified as Nahashon Kimemia (@nahashon87), the baby involved will be the one to suffer in the long run.

"I do not follow the WaJesus family, so I cannot tell whether it is clout chasing or not. What I know is that the only person who will suffer lasting damage from this story is the baby, Abby, followed by her mother, and then Kabi's wife. I have no sympathy for Kabi," @nahashon87.

According to Kimemia, Kabi could have taken responsibility long ago to avoid further damage to the child.

"Kabi wa Jesus made a mistake in 2013. It's sad that Abby & her mom had to pay for it. Can you imagine growing up & watching your dad on YouTube denying you as his child? Terrible. Kabi WaJesus knew what he did & he knew the child's age. He should've taken that DNA test long ago," @nahashon87 added.