Nameless celebrates dad as he turns 85. [Courtesy]

Singer David 'Nameless' Mathenge has every reason to celebrate as his old man, Mzee Joshua Mathenge, turns 85 today.

Taking to Instagram, the excited singer shared a video saying 'today is a special day for the Mathengez clan' following the ups and downs his parents faced in the past. 

The Nasinzia singer began by thanking God for healing his dad, who was admitted to the hospital for brain surgery and hip replacement in 2020.

Nameless added that his mom and dad also tested positive for Covid-19 last month, which was a scary time for his family given that his parents have other underlying conditions but have since fully recovered.

"Today is a special Day for the Mathengez Clan... My dad Turns 85 years... We have every reason to thank God because as you know my dad has been on recovery mode after two major operations last year. To add to that, about a month Ago Both My mum and Dad Got Covid ..that was a scary time for the family because both my parents are vulnerable and have underlying conditions ... But they both recovered fully last week with my mum having to be admitted for a few days in hospital.

"We Thank God for their Health today and every day we get to share with them! When you see us dancing with a smile on my face just know we have a lot to be thankful for during this difficult times my mum told me she was Soo happy to see me and my wife sing together that it speeded her recovery, so Fam help me wish Mzee a happy birthday may he continue being strong and happy and blessed! Happy birthday Daddy," said Nameless.

Successful surgery

Nameless's dad was admitted to the hospital in 2020 for head surgery after battling subdural hematoma, a life-threatening condition that causes blood clots in the brain that could lead to stroke.

Sharing the news with his fans on social media, Nameless thanked God for his father's successful surgery and wished him a quick recovery.

"Just a gratitude post! Behind the scenes my dad has been in hospital, for about ten days to undergo a head surgery, because he had some blood clots in his head that caused some minor strokes, a condition called subdural hematoma. Today I give thanks to God because he got discharged and the doctor was happy with his recovery process," he wrote.

Sometime in 2017, the singer also suffered a similar medical condition known as subarachnoid hemorrhage, a condition caused by the brain's rupture of small blood vessels.

Luckily for Nameless, no surgery was needed, and after being admitted to the HDU and given medication, he was discharged.