Tedd Josiah shares struggles of single parenthood.

Music producer and entrepreneur Tedd Josiah has opened up on the struggles single parents endure raising their children, particularly fathers.  

Voicing his sentiments via Instagram, the single father of one began by demystifying the fallacy that male parents have it easier than female parents when raising their children.

According to the Joka Jok founder, it is three times harder for male parents to get through single parenthood than female parents.

"A great misconception is 'You're a man you got it figured out. Men can get through anything they are tough. Life favours men.....' Am gonna speak from my heart. Raising a child from infancy alone is not a joke and its triple tough for a man to raise an infant with no knowledge... learning on the job and still having to provide," he wrote.

Because of this, Tedd admitted that he had to abscond work to cater to his health and that of his child, which put him in a compromising situation considering he is the sole provider.  

"The past 4 weeks I've taken off work due to an illness have also shown me that whether you're a man or woman raising a child alone and working, once you take time off, it's as good as your family starving regardless of whether you're a mom or dad. It is scarier having to face your mortality and wondering what would happen... This society thinks men got it good. Now with that info, please think again. We are all struggling to live, stay healthy, and put food on our children's tables (some of us more than others)," he wrote.

Tedd went on to plead with netizens to remember single parents in their daily prayers and support their businesses.  

"Kindly pray for parents, whether single or not, whether moms or dads cause the journey of life and survival isn't as picture-perfect as you might think it to be. Also, let's build-up and support Kenyan owned businesses that create jobs for Kenyans because these are rough times for a lot of families. Let's not look, gaze and not build each other," he begged.

Single parenthood

The music producer became a single father after his wife Regina Katar died back in 2017.

Expressing his hurt in a previous social media post, Tedd referred to his late wife as his anchor, and even though she was gone, he had to push himself to be strong for their daughter.

"Imagine calling someone your everything home, safe place, your all, and watching them slowly fade away on their deathbed in less than an hour. I was left on a free fall and lost. In many ways, Regina was my anchor. I have to make a lot of adjustments; I am more hands-on with my baby. I have to wash her, clean, cook, feed, and be always there for her," he wrote.