Chrissy Teigen [Courtesy]

Chrissy Teigen revealed Meghan Markle was "so kind" to her when she lost her son Jack

The swimsuit model, 35, was left devastated when her baby Jack died in September, around half way through her pregnancy after she was rushed to hospital with complications.

At the time, Chrissy posted harrowing pictures from the privacy of the hospital room with her husband John Legend.

In the light of the sad news, Meghan wrote to Chrissy about baby Jack with a kind message.

The Duchess of Sussex had experienced her own loss after she had a miscarriage herself in the summer of last year

Speaking about their bond, Chrissy gushed pregnant Meghan was really as "wonderful and so kind" as her friends said.

She said on Watch What Happens Live! After show: "Yeah, she's been so kind to me ever since we connected.

"She had written me about baby Jack.... but yeah she is really wonderful and so kind, just as kind as everyone says she is."

In an extraordinary attack, Chrissy blasted people for making out Meghan was "so malicious" and "so crazy".

She added: "That's why you look at everything and you're like, 'My God, what is absolutely wrong with people that they have to make this person out to be so malicious or so crazy, when it's just as simple as them being as kind as everyone says they are?"

Chrissy threw her support behind Meghan over her tell-all Oprah interview with Prince Harry.

She said: "I think she's been very honest and open. I think her truth has been her truth since the very beginning."

In a number of Twitter firestorms, Chrissy has spoken out in defence of Meghan in recent years.

The model had something to say recently when the Suits star was accused of bullying palace staff and back in 2018 when her dad gave a tell-all interview.

It seems worlds away from the day when Chrissy and Meghan first crossed paths on game show Deal or No Deal together.

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