Kenyan celebrities and their look-alikes.

Have you ever met your doppelganger? You’ve probably heard that out of the more than seven billion people on earth, chances are there is someone who looks like you. In Kenya, we’ve seen a number of people who resemble celebrities but have no relations. Today, we take a look at Kenyan celebrities and their look-alikes.

Margaret Kenyatta and Grace Elizabeth Mkabili

The First lady Margaret Kenyatta shares a striking resemblance with Grace Mkabili who hails from Voi. The two not only look alike but also have a similar skin tone, same height and both wear glasses. While speaking to The Standard, the 51-year-old activist said that people stop to ask her if she is related to the first family.

First-lady Margaret Kenyatta and Grace Elizabeth Mkabili.

Ann Waiguru and Ann Mvurya

When Ann Mvurya first came into the limelight after winning University of Nairobi student elections, many mistook her for the Kiringaya Governor’s daughter. The two share the same name and skin complexion. Even Governor Waiguru acknowledged their resemblance when Ann Mvurya visited her office. 

“It is said that everybody has at least one person whom they strongly resemble: Had an intriguing meeting with newly elected UNSA Chair Ann Mvurya,” said the governor. 

UoN student leader Ann Murvya meets Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru.

Bien (Sauti Sol) and JB Smoove of USA

First, both of them are in the entertainment industry and even met at 2015 during BET awards. Bien Baraza is a singer in popular Kenyan group Sauti Sol while JB Smoove is a comedian in the United States. The two not only look alike but also share the same complexion and wear glasses.

Bien Bazara of Sauti Sol and Comedian JB Smoove.

Gaylyne Ayugi and Lupita Nyongo 

These two have so many things in common, aside from looking alike. Both of them are models, have the same body type, keep their hair short and neat and have the same skin tone. Gaylyne was crowned Miss Universe Kenya 2014 while Lupita is an award-winning Hollywood actress. 

Lupita Nyongo and Gaylyne Ayugi.

Babu Owino and an unknown Indian guy

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino surprisingly shares a resemblance with an Indian guy. 

Babu Owino and his look-alike.