Nabayet and Otile Brown.

Otile Brown’s Ethiopian lover Nabayet has once again proven to netizens that her relationship with the award-winning singer is alive and getting better by the day.

This is after the Australian based Biomedical Scientist turned pastry chef posted an adorable screenshot of her video call with Otile Brown, with it a lovely happy birthday message for the birthday boy.

“Happiest birthday to you! More life, more smiles @Otilebrown,” she wrote accompanied by a love emoji.

The couple was rumored to have gone their separate ways about a year ago after Nabayet moved back to Australia after spending a few months in Kenya. She deleted all pictures of the Chaguo la Moyo crooner from her timeline, and following her lead, Otile deleted their documented memories from his page.

Speaking during a previous interview with radio personality Shaffie Weru, Nabayet disclosed that maintaining a long-distance relationship was anything but easy for her.

“Long-distance is not easy at all, and it has been the hardest experience. When you create that bond with someone, you’ll have to fight for it. We have tried calling it quits so many times. People were always asking why we were not together, but that was never the case. Sometimes you are just tired of fighting,” she said.

According to Otile, Nabayet was ready to call their relationship quits in their early talking stages, citing uncertainty. In his explanation, the JustInLove records founder stated that his girlfriend constantly doubted their future together no matter what he did.

He, however, said that Nabayet is an amazing woman admitting that he has never loved anyone that much. 

“When we first got into the relationship she wasn’t sure about it, like it did not matter how much I told her I loved her. I don’t think I have ever loved a woman the way I love that chic because she is woman who doesn’t have any drama. She is the type of woman who, when I wrong her, she will just cry. So it was always a struggle like so many times we are having the same discussion. Anytime I tell her I really care about you, I love you, she says no, you are just playing with me,” said Otile Brown.

As a way of expressing his love for her, Otile revealed that he allows his woman to sit and look pretty as he cooks and feeds her.

“My woman has never cooked whenever she is here, I always cook, and you know people don’t know how nice I am when it comes to my love life. I am the one who cooks, and she is just there seating pretty, and it’s because I have chosen to do that. Do you know she has never touched food with her hands when she is with me? I feed her, and it has nothing to do with being controlled. I have chosen to do that because I really love this woman,” he said.